Theater "The Kremlin Ballet"

«The Kremlin Ballet» theatre was founded twenty years ago on the stage of the well-known Kremlin Palace, and since then it is the integral component of the creative achievements defining our contribution to the history of the Russian art.

THE KREMLIN BALLETThis troupe has been created on the initiative of the director of the Palace of Congresses of that time Pavel Nilov and the famous ballet master National Artist of the Russian Federation Andrey Petrov who is its artistic director during all these years. The emergence of a choreographic collective of classical direction on this stage has been predetermined from the very beginning both scales of the stage and the status of the Palace intended for carrying out socially important actions and classical musical productions.

The Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres were the first to receive the «right» to use this stage for ballets and operas.

THE KREMLIN BALLETThe foundation of the new theatre in 1990 behind the walls of the ancient Kremlin became an event in the ballet world. And today, speaking about creative achievements of the company, we gratefully name the glorified masters who were standing at its cradle and have made much for its revival. They are: Vladimir Vasiliev, Yury Grigorovich, Ekaterina Maximova, Galina Ulanova, Marina Semyonova, Sof’ya Golovkina, Boris Pokrovsky and other masters.
Speaking about this company, experts mark the highest professionalism of the ballet dancers and their ability, keeping adherence to classics, to represent «the sounding» of modern times by the use of new choreographic idiom.
Along with distinguished masters, at «The Kremlin Ballet» there are many gifted young actors.
«The Kremlin Ballet», widely presented on the Palace posters with the ballet productions, takes an active part in our concert work with fragments of the ballets and specially prepared dances for many shows on the stage of our Palace.
Having celebrated its twentieth anniversary, «The Kremlin Ballet» became the leader among choreographic companies of the country; perfection of its dancers is applauded by spectators all over the world. And we are proud of successes of the masters – the actors of our State Kremlin Palace.

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