Alexandra Timofeeva

Chief Choreographer
honored artist of Russian Federation

Alexandra Timofeeva - teacher-tutor, in the recent past, the prima ballerina "Kremlin ballet", honored artist of Russia (2010).

In 2000, she graduated from the Moscow State Academy of choreography (class l. A. Kolenchenko and M. V. Mikhailova) and was invited to the theatre "Kremlin ballet".

Laureate of the Youth Award "triumph" (2001), the first international ballet competition in Astana (2006, 2nd Prize and silver medal), international ballet competition «Arabesque-2008» (Perm, third prize and the prize of the E.S. Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev for best Duet), winner of the prize of the magazine "Ballet" dance soul "in the category" rising star "(2007).   

For many years, A. Timofeeva prepared party led by the great Russian ballerina Ekaterina Sergeevna Maximova.

In her repertoire in different years: Cinderella (“Cinderella”), Marie (“The Nutcracker”), Odette - Odille (“Swan Lake”), Kitri (“Don Quixote”), Giselle (“Giselle”), Juliet (“Romeo and Juliet”), Aurora, Princess Florine (“The Sleeping beauty”), Medora ("Corsair"), Diana, Esmeralda, Fler de Lise (“Esmeralda”), Lyudmila (“Ruslan and Lyudmila”), Queen of the Night (“Magic flute”), Susanne, Fanshetta (“Figaro”), Kupava (“The snow maiden”), Scheherazade ("Thousand and one nights"), Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”), Nikiya, Gamzatti ("La Bayadere").

As well as party in the performances of the project "Russian seasons 21st century: Armida (“Armida's Pavilion"), Firebird (“Firebird”), Tamar ("Tamar"), Ballerina (“Petrushka”), Mazurka (“Chopiniana”).    

Timofeeva participates in tour "Kremlin ballet" in Russia and abroad: in France, Italy, China, Thailand, U.A.E., Greece, Spain, Germany, South Korea and other countries.

By the end of his creative activity as a prima ballerina in 2019 year invited Theatre "Kremlin ballet" for the post of teacher-tutor. Successfully works with kordebalet and rehearses with young prospective dancers.

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