Luis Valle

Principal dancer

Born in Havana he started his education at Alejo Carpentier, a primary ballet school "Alejo Carpentier" in his native city, and continued at the National Ballet School under the tutelage of outstanding professors Fernando Alonso, Mirta Hermida, Helena Cangas, Marta Iris, Fernandes and Ramona de Saa. During his education, he took part in important international competitions in Mexico, South Africa and Italy, where he won prizes, and also in international ballet artists’ competitions held in Havana where he became a Laureate and won the Silver Medal in 2009.

After graduation from the ballet school in Havana he was invited to the troupe of the Cuban National Ballet under the artistic leadership of Alicia Alonso.

In 2015 he got the status of the principal dancer of the National Ballet of Cuba.

With this company he performed in Brazil, Canada, Spain, the People’s Republic of China, Puerto Rico, and Italy.

His repertoire includes the works of great traditions, romantic-classical and modern works of Cuban and foreign choreographers. Luis has also expanded his artistic career in the Acosta Danza company based in Havana and led by Carlos Acosta, a famous Cuban dancer .

In 2016 he performed as a guest soloist at Albert Hall in London together with such vivid ballet actors as Carlos Acosta, Marianela Nunes, Sarah Lamb and other dancers and ballerinas of the London Royal Ballet.

In 2018 he joined the troupe of the opera and ballet theater of Nice, France, in the status of the principal dancer.

He is regarded as one of the most valuable representatives of the new generation of Cuban ballet school dancers.

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