• Chipollino: Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet"
Chipollino: Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet"

Chipollino: Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet": (on October 18, Sunday) in THE STATE KREMLIN PALACE. Purchase of tickets. & #9742; +7(495) 620-78-46.

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


Chipollino: Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet"

18 October

Ballet in two acts

Libretto by G. Rykhlov
in G. Mayorov’s version after the fairytale by G. Rodari

Choreographer - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Buryatia, USSR State Prize laureate G. Mayorov

Designer – national artist of the USSR, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation

V. Levental

Scenery restoration artistic director - E. Levental

Scenery restoration artist – O. Medvedeva

Costume restoration designer – S. Lekht

Assistant choreographer– А. Mayorova

The legendary family ballet-fairytale "Cipollino" with its enchanting characters is back on the native stage – the stage of the State Kremlin Palace. Once again it is on the main stage of the country where it was presented and warmly received by the public in 1977 - more than 40 years ago.

Multifaceted and deeply philosophical language of dance, sophisticated airy transitions, the finest and lightest movements along with an unrivalled choreography of Henry Mayorov (an outstanding national choreographer) lie at the heart of this ballet that brought its director the USSR State Prize.

Marvelous music composed by Karen Khachaturian, one of the most gifted and outstanding representatives of the great musical dynasty of composers and conductors Khachaturyans, brings the plot and its main ideas to life: well-designed characters are easily perceived even by the youngest spectators who experience a genuine delight and obtain a sense of beauty.

Stunning stage settings created by Valery Levental, a designer from the Bolshoi Theatre who exercises his talent both home and abroad at the world's best venues and music theaters including Italian opera houses "La Scala" (Milan) and "Teatro Comunale di Bologna" (Bologna) complement the overall picture and make the plot complete, overwhelming you with emotions and immersing you into the ballet atmosphere.

The play "Cipollino" is a true manifestation of eternal values: team spirit, solid friendship, mutual support, hope for the best and struggle for justice.

The ballet after the fairytale by Italian writer Gianni Rodari performed by the artists of the theatre "Kremlin Ballet" is intended for family viewing.

Running time: 2 hours. Presented with one interval.

A square of a fairy-tale town. It seems there are only vegetable baskets and fruit cases. But in fact those are big and small houses inhabited by vegetables and fruit who are extraordinari­ly reminiscent of real people.

The Radish and Onion families meet in the square. Mother Cipolla and Father Cipollone are tickle off their naughty son, Cipollino, who is fed up with nursing his sister, Cipolette. Master Grape is mending his shoes nearby. Godfather Pumpkin is searching for bricks to build him­self a house. Professor Pear is playing the violin, and all the dwellers of this fairytale town are dancing. Suddenly, Signor Tomato rushes into the square and announces  the visit of Prince Lemon himself, who wishes to address his people. The Prince has issued a new law; now everyone must pay for their share of the sunshine, the rain, and the wind.

The Prince’s subjects are resentful. Cipollino accidentally steps on Prince Lemon’s foot in this stampede. The Prince’s bodyguards are indignant: the Prince has been insulted! The ‘rebel’ must be punished. But he has disappeared, so the police arrest old Cipollone.

The Onions are grieving as well as other families. Godfather Pumpkin is having a difficult time because he cannot build himself a house. So the inhabitants of the town, led by Cipollino help him. No sooner is the building work completed, than Signor Tomato appears once again. He is overwhelmed with anger when he sees the house. It has been built on the land of  Countesses Cherry. Only the Countesses Cherry may use this land.
Prince Lemon’s bodyguards destroy Godfather Pumpkin’s house. The poor old man is in despair. Cipollino decides to take revenge on his enemies.


Cipollino, together with his friend, Little Radish, goes to the palace to find the dungeon in which old Cipollone is kept. On the way they meet Count Cherry who finds life in the palace very lonely, and they become friends. When searching for Cipollone, the friends are caught by Signor Tomato, but they manage to escape and during a ball given by the Countesses Cherry in honor of Prince Lemon they set old Chipollone free.

Prince Lemon’s bodyguards and the police are searching everywhere for the runaways. Cipollino manages to hide his father and Little Radish, but he arrested and taken to prison by the guards.

It is quiet in the palace. Count Cherry and the beautiful Magnolia are looking for Cipollino. Magnolia makes the guards fall asleep with her heady per­fume. Count Cherry ties them up and sets Cipollino free.

Prince Lemon goes downstairs into the prison to punish the good-for-nothing rebel but he sees his guards tied up and an empty dungeon. The outraged Prince orders to  bombard the town with cannon fire. But Cipollino and his friends stuff Prince Lemon himself into the cannon.
When the smoke from the shot evaporates, nei­ther Prince Lemon nor the cannon, nor the bodyguards can be seen.
From now on everyone in the fairytale town will live peacefully. And a new town bathing in the sunshine will grow up under the blue sky. A town of friends!

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