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Don Juan. Musical

Don Juan. Musical

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Don Juan. Musical

20 March

An updated version of the famous musical “Don Juan” will be shown in Moscow for the first time.

Muscovites will be able to attend the premiere in March 2020, after that the performance will proceed its tour around the world.

French composer Félix Gray wrote music and libretto of «Don Juan» in 2003. When creating the musical, Gray used Mozart's opera “Don Giovanni” and Tirso de Molina’s play “The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest” (El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra). The text has become a fairly free adaptation of the classic plot. The beginning, as in Molière’s play Dom Juan ou le Festin de pierre, but only the beginning. According to the author, he did not set himself the goal of transferring the action into a modern context; therefore, he arranged it out of time. Canadian director Gilles Maheu, who by that time was already widely known outside his own country, carried out the production of the musical in 2004. In Don Juan, many spectacular fights, as well as special effects emphasizing the fantastic dimension of what is happening. The choreography based on Spanish dances, first of all flamenco, became the unconditional adornment of the musical.

The musical was shown with great success in France and Korea, but the real triumph awaited artists in Canada. In Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrook and Ottawa, 200 performances were given for 350 thousand spectators. Over 300 thousand albums, with the recording of the musical were sold. Songs “Du Plaisir” and “Les Femmes” led the Canadian charts for several weeks, and Gilles Maheu was awarded the prize as the best Director.

The producer of the musical Charles Talar is one of the most famous independent music producers of the last few decades. He worked on Don Juan with his son.

Hardly appeared, the performance quickly broke all records for the sale of albums and tickets.

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