• La Bayadere. Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet"
La Bayadere. Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet"

La Bayadere.Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet": (on May 22, Friday) in THE STATE KREMLIN PALACE. Purchase of tickets. & #9742; +7(495) 620-78-46.

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


La Bayadere. Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet"

22 May

Ballet in two acts.
M. Petipa and S. Khudekov's libretto
Producing choreographer of the new edition
on the basis of choreographic composition of M. Petipa –
People's artist of the Russian Federation Andris Liepa
The art director – Honored artist of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Okunev
Musical edition – winner of the International competition
Vladimir Kachesov
The performance includes choreography fragments by
V. Ponomarev, V. Chabukiani, N. Zubkovsky, etc.
The plot of the ballet is based on the well-known legend of unfortunate love. Love forces the characters of the story to break vows and to follow the longing of the heart and to take the risk. Love that exists out of time and counter to death.
The producing choreographer of the ballet Andris Liepa has changed the structure of the performance and has given the classical plot a new look that has made the production unique.
Beautiful scenery and costumes, expressive characters, fascinating plot — nothing will leave the spectator indifferent.
The first time La Bayadere ballet was perfomed on January 23, 1877 at the Maryinsky Theater of St. Petersburg.
The performance is accompanied by the Symphonic orchestra of Radio Orpheus. The artistic director and the chief conductor – Sergey KONDRASHEV

The first act
Scene first
The notable youth comes back from hunting a tiger. The well-known warrior Solor asks fakir Magedava to tell the bayadere Nikya that he will wait for her at night at the temple.
With the Solemn appearance of the Great Brahmin, priests and bayaderes, the fest of sacred fire opens. The culmination of the celebration is the dance of fine Nikya.
Great Brahmin, having forgotten about a sacred dignity and the vow of chastity connected with it, makes Nikya a declaration of love. He promises her all riches of India - everything that she could wish. But Nikya with horror pushes him away.
At night Nikya secretly meets Solor. The witness of ardent explanations appears Great Brahmin, and he swears to revenge the enamored.
Scene second
Radzha Dugmanta declares his daughter Gamzatty that that she will be the wife of the best and most brave warrior - Solor. Gamzatty is happy, but Solor in confusion: he does not dare to refuse the great honour, however he loves Nikya and has sworn her to fidelity on sacred fire.
The youth gathered in a palace to welcome Solor and Gamzaty. Great Brahmin appears also, he tells Radzha about love of Nikya and Solor. Dugmanta is angered, but he does not change his decision: Solor will be the husband of his daughter, and the bayadere should die. Brahmin did not expect such outcome, he threatens Radzha with a penalty of gods for death of the bayadere, but Dugmanta is relentless.
Gamzatty has overheard this conversation. She orders to call Nikya and accidentally shows her a portrait of the groom. Nikya in despair, she protests: Solor loves only her and only to her will belong. Gamzatty asks Nikya to forget about Solor, but the bayadere is ready to die more likely, than to leave her beloved. In anger of Nikya takes out a dagger, and only the servant rescues Gamzatti from inevitable death.
Scene third
The area before a palace of Radzha . Wedding of Gamzatti and Solor.
To dancing Nikya they bring a flowers basket of which the snake creeps out and mortally stings the bayadere. It is the revenge of Gamzatty.
Great Brahmin offers Nikya an antidote. However Nikya remains true to her love and, dying, reminds the beloved about his oath.

The second act
Scene first
Solor is inconsolable. He is tormented by repentance. Magedava offers Solor a hookah and tries to distract the young man from heavy thoughts. Solor sinks into a sleep. In the sleep the gold god opens Solor a door in a realm of shadows where is his beloved.
Scene second
Before Solor from a gloom appear the shades of the dead. As a long chain they go down from mountain ledges. He sees Nikya among them. She calls him …

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