• Piotr Vostokov’s Big Jazz Band. Program “Christmas Eve with a Big Jazz Band"
Piotr Vostokov’s Big Jazz Band. Program “Christmas Eve with a Big Jazz Band"

Piotr Vostokov’s Big Jazz Band. Program “Christmas Eve with a Big Jazz Band"

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


Piotr Vostokov’s Big Jazz Band. Program “Christmas Eve with a Big Jazz Band"

23 December

Golden Jazz fever, swing time and several mile-long queues for the dancing halls - their atmospherewill be recreated at the concerts of Big Jazz Band.

Recreating the authentic sounding of the music of that time, using original scores and old instruments, the band presents to its listeners unique programs dedicated to the "giants" of orchestral jazz of completely different eras and directions: from the Paul Whiteman sweet-jazz of the 1920s to the rock of Buddy Rich from the late 1960s, from the entertaining dance swing to the serious compositions of the large form – suites of Duke Ellington, from the classic mambo of Tito Puente and Pérez Prado to jazz Interpretations of The Beatles.

The Big Jazz Band includes almost the entire avant-garde of the Moscow jazz and like-minded musicians, graduates of Gnessins Russian Academy of Music.

The debut of the band took place in October 2010 on the stage of the Central House of Journalists in Moscow. Moreover, in April 2011, BJB received the Grand Prix at the Manor Jazz international competition of young performers . In the same year, the Band became the laureate of the Gnessins Jazz First International Jazz Festival of Young Performers .

Since 2012 the Band has been  a resident of the Essay famous Moscow jazz club  and a regular guest of various Russian and international jazz festivals (“Triumph of Jazz”, “Jazz in the Hermitage Garden”, “Manor Jazz”, “Russian Stars of World Jazz”, “Koktebel Jazz Party”, “What a Wonderful World”, “Jazzmay”, etc.).  It performs at the most prestigious halls of the capital, including the Moscow Conservatory, the International House of Music, the State Kremlin Palace.

In 2017, the Band recorded their debut album at the famous 1st Ton-Studio  at Mosfilm. Musicians actively tour the country.

On this evening, dance pairs from the Moscow Swing Dance Club and the women's team of Moonshine Chorus Line by Catherine Agaponova will also be on the stage together with the Band.

Moscow Swing Dance club is a dance school founded over  15 years ago; it specializes in jazz dances of the Age of Swing and the early 20th century.

The show group of the club comprises experienced dancers and teachers; it has a bright dance program, which creates the atmosphere of classic Hollywood movies of the 1930s-40s, with real jazz mood and authentic plastic.

The club regularly participates in state, charitable and commercial projects with master classes, open lessons, lectures and show programs, including:

- Museum Night, Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean Val

- Jass Day, Zaryad’e Park

- Day of Russia, «Thaw» playground, New Arbat

- Master classes at the Moscow Museum

- Day of the Earth (in the Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo park)

- Manor Jazz 2017 with Piotr Vostokov’s Big Jazz Band.


Moonshine Chorus Line is a dance group of chorus-girls, reviving the show tradition of the Age of Jazz. Such groups were a constant attribute of a jazz club or a famous orchestra.

Their program is based on original choreography of chorus-line groups of the 1920s-40s which combines synchronism, rhythms and regrouping.

The group has collaborated and performed with the following musical teams:

- Piotr Vostokov’s Big Jazz Band

- Moscow Jazz Orchestra conducted by Igor Butman

- Moscow Ragtime Band

- Classical Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Valery Kiselev

- The Kikipickles

- Full Moon Jazz Band

Duration: up to 2 hours (with intermission).

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