• “Roads of Love”: Dmitry Kharatyan’s Anniversary Concert. Tribute to the 60th Anniversary of the National Artist of Russia
“Roads of Love”: Dmitry Kharatyan’s Anniversary Concert. Tribute to the 60th Anniversary of the National Artist of Russia

“Roads of Love”: Dmitry Kharatyan’s Anniversary Concert. Tribute to the 60th Anniversary of the National Artist of Russia

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


“Roads of Love”: Dmitry Kharatyan’s Anniversary Concert. Tribute to the 60th Anniversary of the National Artist of Russia

12 February

On February 12, the main stage of the nation – the State Kremlin Palace – will host the “Roads of Love” concert to mark the 60th Anniversary of Dmitry Kharatyan, National Artist of Russia.

This evening Dmitry Kharatyan’s loyal friends and good colleagues will come on stage to congratulate him, including Grigory Leps, Yury Antonov, Lev Leschenko, Valery Meladze, Larisa Dolina, Garik Sukachev, Alexander Rosenbaum, Alexander Marshal, Mikhail Boyarsky, Alexander Malinin, Dmitry Pevtsov, Oleg Mityaev, Nikolay Baskov, Valeria, Olga Kormukhina, Alesey Glyzin, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Maxim Dunaevsky and many others. There will also be Russia’s leading theater and movie actors to congratulate their colleague.

Professional career and life of Dmitry Kharatyan, a popular actor beloved by several generations of viewers, has always attracted the attention of both the audience and the professional community. His years are marked with family happiness and priceless professional heritage, and his age and number “60” are an honorable pedestal where each new step is the accumulation of everything – professional luck and artistic inspiration, outstanding and unforgettable roles in the movies and in the theater, the experience of being a singer, a TV host and a movie producer. For several decades Dmitry has been regarded the main and the most beloved midshipman of the nation – an eternally young and brave romantic who continues to conquer millions of women’s hearts.

There is no doubt that Dmitry Kharatyan is known both in Russia and abroad as a popular actor and a talented singer, a host of TV shows, projects and various concerts. It is thanks to his touring activity that audiences in Russia and far beyond fall in love with his work. His acting in the theater – in performances, musicals, rock-operas, dramas, and his leading roles in Soviet as well as recent Russian movie masterpieces amaze and impress the viewers over and over again.

There is hardly a person unfamiliar with Dmitry Kharatyan’s works in the movies and TV series, including his first movie entitled “The Trick” where the actor’s debut role was a romantically minded school boy with a guitar, Igor Grushko, “Fox Hunting”, “Thunderstorm Breath”, “Green Van”, “Forward, midshipmen!”, ‘Good Weather on Deribasovskaya, or it’s Raining Again on Brighton Beach”, “To the Real You”, “Aurora”, “Infant”, “Palace Coups Mysteries”, “Queen Anne’s Secrets or Musketeers 30 Years After”, “Musketeers Are Getting Back or Cardinal Masarini’s Treasures”, “Ivan Podushkin. Investigation Gentlemen 1, 2”, “Faith, Hope, Love”, “Seagull Boatswain”, etc. Among his new movie appearances: historic adventure movie “Midshipmen-1787” and detective story “Green Van: Totally Different Story”. Their production is going non-stop with the view to amaze and surprise the audience and skillfully plunge the public into suspense.

Among Dmitry’s most famous theater roles are: performance “Nina”, “About mice and people”, “The Experience of Mastering Seagull using the Stanislavsky System”, “Khalam-Bundu or Hostages of Love”, “Lucky Smith”, “Joyful Guys” musical, “Love and Espionage”, “Khanuma” and many others. Dmitry Kharatyan has been a regular guest at the “Own Way” prize named after V. Vysotsky, both as a host and as a singer, actor also successfully participated in such shows as “Three Accords”, “Heritage of the Republic”, “Two Stars” and similar projects.

The songs by the 1960s-generation poets – Bulat Okudzhava, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yury Vizbor – gain especially heartful tones when performed by Dmitry Kharatyan.

The public is also familiar with Dmitry Kharatyan as a host of popular programs and reality shows, including “Crimea Island”, “Big Family”, “Entertainment Night”, “Good Evening, Moscow!”, “Cube”, “Best Husband”, “12 Little Negroes”, etc. He is a frequent guest on the jury of the KVN intellectual and humor program of Alexander Maslyakov.

Dmitry Kahratyan is also known to Russian audience including its youngest representatives as a dubbing actor for “Walt Disney Pictures” and “Pixar” cartoons including several episodes of “The Cars” full-length animation movie, and Dmitry Kharatyan’s voice that “Lightning McQueen” car speaks with is familiar almost every child in our country.

Over the years of his career Dmitry Kharatyan has received many awards and titles, including “Honored Actor of the Russian Federation”, “Honored Actor of the Chechen Republic”, “National Actor of the Chechen Republic”, “National Actor of the Russian Federation”, as well as such awards as “Best Actor” in USSR, laureate of the “Amur Autumn” Movie and Theater Festival (Special Prize for “The Contribution to Comedy”), Special Prize of the Jury of national prize “Music Heart of the Theater” “Big Duet” in company with Larisa Dolina) and many others.

For 15 years, up to 2014, Dmitry Kharatyan was the president of the all-Russian Festival of Visual Arts held at the “Orlyonok” all-Russian Children’s Center, he was a special guest at the “Tavrida” Russian Youth Educational Forum and today the actor presides over the “Sunny Island” Open Festival of Children’s and Family Movies, a socially important project for the future generation the aim of which is not only to develop creative abilities in children, but also to support and preserve traditions of Russian movie art.

For over 5 years Dmitry Kharatyan has been an artistic director of the “Midshipmen School” – a center for creative development and patriotic up-bringing of children where each kid may get to know the reality of professional acting, attend master classes delivered by leading actors, and most importantly - to learn to accumulate priceless experience gained through the years of working on theater stages and movies not only by Dmitry Kharatyan as “Main midshipman of the country”, but also by best domestic theater, movie and TV people. Educational, teaching, and cultural work with the young generation is of a very high priority in protean actor’s activity.

The Anniversary concert will be accompanied by the “Red Square Band” orchestra.

This event will definitely be extremely festive not only for Mr. Kharatyan, his guests and his beloved ones, but it will give warmth and soulfulness to every spectator in the audience.

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