• Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet. Performance of the "Kremlin Ballet": (on June 10, Wednesday) in THE STATE KREMLIN PALACE. Purchase of tickets. & #9742; +7(495) 620-78-46.

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


Romeo and Juliet

10 June

Ballet, two acts

Libretto by Yuri Grigorovich based on W.Shakespeare’s tragedy of the same name
Choreographer-director is Yuri Grigorovich
Artistic director is Simon Virsaladze
Assistants to choreographer-director – N.Bessmertnova, Valery Ryzhov

The Kremlin Ballet Theatre’s “Romeo and Juliet” is the third version of Yuri Grigorovich’s perusal of Shakespeare’s immortal tragedy. For the first time the ballet was staged in 1978 in Paris Grand Opera. Later on, a year after, slightly altered version of the performance was played in the Bolshoi Theatre. Grigorovich’s experience in perception of Shakespeare that he gained in the course of previous directions, his thinking over the plotlines and, finally, the shocks he suffered as a person, an artist and a citizen within two decades – all this could not help but be reflected in the moral and philosophical framework of the new performance. A huge material rethought by the choreographer resulted in new perspectives of scenic perusal. A ballet was born the sense of which can be expressed as follows: how cruel and unpredictable this world is, woven of fateful chances!
The old Italian city of Verona where the events take place was made by the scene director Simon Virsaladze extremely beautiful: majestic towers, luxurious gilded statues, precious heavy curtains, arches, balconies, stairs and alcoves. And in this beautiful city there live beautiful people: characters’ stances, their rich brocaded clothes and headdresses, splendid jewelry they are decorated with are very impressive. And this majestic harmony Grigorovich disturbs with an emotional implication that these people do not appreciate the beauty of their city and their peace of mind but they hate each other. And this hatred will claim its victims for sure! Something horrible is to happen…
The ballet goes on in one breath in a dynamic turn of events. One scene swiftly gives place to another, lyrical chamber duets of Romeo and Juliet naturally flow into lively ensemble scenes and the latter in their turn into tragic solos. In this version of “Romeo and Juliet” colorful, emotionally active and lively actors are gathered in an ensemble that sets off and distinguishes feelings and actions of main characters.

The performance is accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra Radio Orpheus (Artistic managing director and Principal conductor - Sergey Kondrashov)

The first act

1 scene.
On the square of Verona there is a fight between Montagues
and Capulets.
2 scene.
Romeos and Mercutio in masks go to the ball to Capulet.
3 scene.
A room in the house of Capulet. Preparations for ball.
4 scene.
Ball at Capulet.
5 scene.
A garden of Capulet. The first appointment of Romeo and Juliet.

The second act

1 scene.
On the square of Verona Tibald meets Mercutio among the
townspeople having fun.
2 scene.
A temple. Brother Laurence secretly crowns Romeo and
3 scene.
On the square of Verona there is a Quarrel and duel between
Mercutio and Tibald. Death of Mercutio. Romeo’s revenge and death of Tibald. Crying on victims.
4 scene.
Juliette’s room. Appointment of the enamored before their separation. Courtship of Paris.
5 scene.
Romeo’s despair in exile.
6 scene.
Brother Laurence gives to Juliet the somnolent drink.
7 scene.
Juliette’s room. Juliette’s consent to marriage with Paris. Juliette drinks the somnolent drink. Juliet’s visions.
8 scene.
In the house of Capulet. Morning serenade of Paris. News about Juliet’s imaginary death. Wedding preparations have turned to a grief.
9 scene.
A crypt of the Capulet family. Romeo’s despair. Romeo’s farewell to Juliette. Death of the enamoured.

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