Sergei KUPRIK. Concert “Russia - My Homeland” on the Singer’s Birthday

Sergei KUPRIK. Concert “Russia - My Homeland” on the Singer’s Birthday

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


Sergei KUPRIK. Concert “Russia - My Homeland” on the Singer’s Birthday

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7 November

November 7, on the birthday of Honored artist of Russia and Ukraine Sergei Kuprik on the main stage of the country in the State Kremlin Palace will be held his concert “Russia - My Homeland.”

Following the good tradition, friends and colleagues of Sergei will come to congratulate him. Among them popular singers, movie actors, and television entertainers.

The festive program "Russia – My Homeland" will consist of the hits of different years of the artist's rich career. In 2018, he celebrated the 25th anniversary of his variety activity.

All these years, the voice of Sergei Kuprik was associated with the audience's long-favorite songs, touching the most secret strings of the soul.

In the period from 1994 to 2008 Sergei was the constant leader of Mikhail Tanich's group "Lesopoval", together with which he released 15 albums. Kuprik is rightly considered the "Golden Voice of "Lesopoval", and the song "I'll Buy You a House" can be called the personification of an era.

After the founder of the group, the remarkable poet Mikhail Tanich passed away in 2008, the singer decided to start a new phase of his career - solo. In his new role Sergey Kuprik has released three albums. All Russian FM Stations broadcast Kuprik’s songs. Sergei Kuprik is a laureate of prestigious music awards, including "Chanson of the year", "Peter FM", as well as a participant of such festivals as "Song of the Year", "Eh, Razgulyai", "Slavianski Bazaar" (Vitebsk), etc.

Sergei's touring is scheduled for the year ahead; his solo concerts are sold out events. He performs both in Russia and abroad: in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Israel, and the Baltic countries. Kuprik often tours with concerts in hot spots: Syria, Lugansk, Donetsk, and the Northern Caucasus.

A group of musicians with the symbolic name «Friends» accompanies the singer. Moreover, Sergei himself, thanks to his songs, became a good friend to millions of listeners!

Chanson and urban romance, heartfelt ballads, romance and lyrics, love of life, woman, homeland, true friendship, honor and dignity, philosophy and dreams. The songs of Sergei Kuprik have all the fundamental qualities inherent in human being.

The artist invites all lovers of soulful songs to become guests on his birthday concert and promises that wonderful emotions and impressions of this concert will remain with spectators forever.

Concert duration: up to 3 hours (with intermission).

At the concert will be conducted TV shooting.

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