Viktor Tretyakov.  Concert

Viktor Tretyakov. Concert: (on April 26, Sunday) in THE STATE KREMLIN PALACE. Purchase of tickets. & #9742; +7(495) 620-78-46.

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


Viktor Tretyakov. Concert

26 April

On April 26, the Diplomatic Hall will host the concert of the Honored Artist of Russia bard singer Viktor Tretyakov. The artist has not once performed on the stage of the Diplomatic Hall of the Kremlin Palace with his programs, which the public likes from the first hearing.

The program of the evening will include not only songs already favored by fans of artist's creativity, but also his new songs.

Viktor Tretyakov is one of the most famous and favorite bards in Russia. He is a five-time winner of the Chanson of the Year National Prize, a honorary guest of Grushinsky festival and dozens of other festivals of the author's song

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