• Vocal and choreography show “Pugachyov”
Vocal and choreography show “Pugachyov”

Vocal and choreography show “Pugachyov”

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


Vocal and choreography show “Pugachyov”

27 October

By А. Sergunin


Vocal and choreography performance based on Alexander Pushkin’s novel “The Captain’s Daughter”.

On October 27, 2019 in the Small Hall of the State Kremlin Palace will host vocal and choreography show “Pugachyov” based on A.S. Pushkin’s novel “The Captain’s Daughter”. The premiere of the show was dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the birth of the Great Russian poet and writer.

According to the words of Ekaterina Milovanova, the choreography director of the show, “the audience will see the synthesis of Cossack and modern dances including various trends and techniques as well as martial arts elements, acrobatics and weapons handling. The Cossack dance can transform to catch up on the latest trends. I found it important to trace the path of a human through the dance. To see his development. And I also want to create the time parallel illusion, combining the past and the present through the music, lights, and costumes.

The circle was chosen to be the key symbol of the performance. The round table at which the feast is held is transformed into a circle of conspirators, the alarm drum, the marital bed or the scaffold. The multimedia circle turns into a symbolic repetition of the rudely made wooden life circle which reflects our life, our passions, and our high and low desires just like a mirror. The dance pattern is also circle-based. At the beginning and at the end of the performance the characters scattered across the stage are brought together into a tight knot showing that we are all complicit in this whirl of life. This also marks the timeline continuity as our history features rather similar events where only the names of the characters and the costumes change. Everybody is eager for power and money, however, love remains on top of all. This is the circle of our life.”

Project director, Artistic Director of Russian Cossacks State Dance Theater Leonid Milovanov trends to convey the new meaning of “The Captain’s Daughter” story through in the vocal and choreography show “Pugachyov”. At his assumption: “The dance is a unique and one-of-a-kind type of art. Here physical strain is accompanied with a high emotional output. We hope that our new work will get the youth interested in the material valuable from both literary and historic points of view. We are in doubts whether the youth read classical books in the digital age. We see our mission in bringing young people to national origins through art.”

Project Director: Leonid Milovanov, Artistic Director of Russian Cossacks State Dance Theater, National Artist of Russia, Russian Government Prize laureate.

Libretto: Ekaterina Milovanova, Anton Astapov.

Choreography Director: Ekaterina Milovanova.

Production Designer: Maxim Obrezkov, Honored Painter of Russia.

Composer: Alexey Sergunin.

Lights Director: Sergey Skornetsky.

Stage Fight and Fencing Master: Boris Domnin.

Assistant Director: Anton Astapov.

Vocal Group Director: Galina Milovanova, Honored Artist of Russia, Russian Government Prize winner.

Choreography Teacher: Maksut Kubanov, Honored Artist of Russia, Russian Government Prize winner.

Head of Sewing Workshop: Lyubov Lizina.

Head of Footwear Option: Lydia Shokina.

Theater Director: Victor Popov.

Pyotr Grinev, a young nobleman, accompanied by his old servant Savelyich, is on his way to the Tsar’s Corps to the fortress near Orenburg. On the way Grinev is caught by the snowstorm and loses his way. Suddenly he meets a vagabond who is almost frozen to death. Grinev gives him his hare fur coat not knowing that he has just saved Emelyan Pugachyov, a future rebel and a royal imposter.

Grinev arrives at the Belogorye Fortress where he meets Shvabrin, a young officer, and the family of the chief of the fortress garrison, Captain Mironov. Grinev and Masha, the daughter of Captain Mironov, develop  a deep feeling of mutual love.

Shvabrin, who has long tried to win Masha’s heart, is jealous. He challenges Grinev to a duel.

Grinev gets wounded at the duel and Masha, while nursing him, falls in love even stronger. Grinev recovers and realizes that he loves her with all his heart, too.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Emelyan Pugachyov, who has proclaimed himself Emperor Pyotr III, is preparing to attack the fortress. The fortress is captured by rebels as their forces exceed those of the garrison. The captured officers are offered to give an oath of loyalty to Pugachyov. Those who refuse are executed, however, Pugachyov recognizes Grinev who has saved him and decides to have mercy upon him. Shvabrin pledges loyalty to the rebels thus trying to win Masha by force.

Grinev releases his beloved one from the traitor and askes Pugachyov to allow them to leave the fortress. Shvabrin makes his last attempt to keep Masha and warns Pugachyov that she is the daughter of the executed chief of the garrison, therefore, the daughter of his enemy. However, the rebel keeps his promise declaring: “If I say execute, I execute, if I say mercy, I show mercy. This is my habit!”

The young and happy couple leaves the fortress unimpeded. They will meet Pugachyov once again at his execution. There Grinev will once again look in the eyes of the person whom he owes so much in his life.



November 1 the State Kremlin Palace will host Gregorian opera “Enchanted Mirror”. Ksana & “Voices of Enigma”.

The mystic Middle Ages was the time of contrasts and contradictions, that included wars and great discoveries, chivalry feats and treacherous intrigues, beauty triumphs and somber legends. They are all reflected in the “Enchanted Mirror” grandiose show.

When all the games of thrones are over, the real Queen who owns the world emerges from the dark. Who is she – an innocent angel or a sinful demon? Will the eternal conflict between the male and the female, the power and the beauty finish? This is what the mirrors are to tell…

The authentic live performance of the melodies created by the authors of the show as well as the popular hits by “Depeche Mode”, “Duran Duran”, “Enigma”, “Limp Bizkit”, “The Beatles”, “Rammstein”, the mystification of Gregorian chorales, colorful ethnic motives and multi-dimensional “new age” put the “Enchanted mirror” in line with the top world’s music shows.

The mysterious and enchanting voices of the “Voices of Enigma” choir contrast with the strong and amazing voice of Ksana, a US-Russian singer, who has been invited as a special guest to the project by the “Sandman entertainment” company. In her interview charismatic singer confessed that this experience is a real experiment to her.

The audience will witness the birth of a new genre. “Gregorian Opera” is a unique combination of rock-opera bordering on “new age”, “ethnic”, “industrial”, alternative and pop music. It results in the incredible effect of genre polyphony.

The opera is based on a conceptual solution that comprises 20 bright pieces delivered non-stop and a grandiose music story accompanied by impressive visual effects. “Enchanted mirror” is a type of show that makes you look forward to its continuation before it is actually over!

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