• Aleksander Bon
Aleksander Bon

Aleksander Bon: (on December 16, Saturday) in THE STATE KREMLIN PALACE. Purchase of tickets. & #9742; +7(495) 620-78-46.

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


Aleksander Bon

16 December

On the 16th of December the Small hall of the State Kremlin Palace will host a concert of the finalist of the Voice (3rd season) Alexander Bon. The audience will remember him for the penetrating performance of the French song Malade at blind auditions (Dima Bilan turned his chair around on the 33rd second), a classical variety performance of the song I Waited, the long note in Hours, sincerity in Let's Steal Each Other and the stunning performance of Supremacy by Muse.
Last year Alexander took part in another popular TV project of Channel One - Your Face Sounds Familiar - where, following the results of spectator vote, he took the third place and was highly appreciated by professionals.
In the spring of 2015 Alexander Bon made his first solo tour in the cities of Russia that came to an end with a brilliant concert at the Crocus City Hall.
On the 22nd of March, 2015 Alexander participated as the special guest in a concert of the cult American band Thirty Seconds to Mars at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow.
In June, 2016 Bon released his first mini-disk - MiniABon. The singer has a magnificent voice with a wide range from baritone to falsetto, with the memorable timbre, and has an incredibly deep degree of absorption in the musical material. In his new lyrical program Favourite Songs you will hear the best world hits about love in the English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian languages, and also several songs of his own composing.

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