• Laima Vaikule. Jubilee Show
Laima Vaikule. Jubilee Show

Laima Vaikule. Jubilee Show

State Kremlin Palace The Kremlin, The State Kremlin Palace
Moscow, 103132 RU


Laima Vaikule. Jubilee Show

1 March

On March 1, the most elegant woman of our variety will give a long-awaited concert at the State Kremlin Palace. The concert will feature the premiere of the anniversary program of the singer with the participation of stellar guests.

It is enough just to say “Laima”, and everyone in our country will understand that this is about Laima Vaikule!

The singer can rightly be called an icon of style. This is manifested not only in an exceptionally unusual external image. Only Laima has a rare talent to adhere to her constant artistic style, which each time shows a new opening for her fans. Being at the top of popularity, Laima Vaikule retains a unique mystery that distinguishes her on the “star” sky. The unusual timbre of a strong voice and a slight accent make her performance unforgettable. No matter what song Laima Vaikule performs, she seems to tell the audience the musical history, felt by all her soul.  "I can't sing about “nothing”, the singer admits, music and stage for me are the most important and sacred things in life”.

Fascinating voice, well-known hits and song premieres, exclusive costumes from the best fashion designers, unexpected bright choreographic numbers - each concert of Laima Vaikule is an enchanting musical performance, thought out to the smallest detail!

On March 1, each guest at her concert will submit to the captivating charms of the Baltic coast queen!

Concert duration: up to 3 hours.

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