State Kremlin Palace

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The State Kremlin Palace is the main stage of the country, one of the best and prestigious theatrically-concert platforms of Russia. The Kremlin Palace is in the heart of Russia, in territory of a medieval fortress and residence of the head of the state. Of such arrangement any venue of the world cannot be proud of.

In 2011 the State Kremlin Palace has celebrated its 50th anniversary. Nevertheless it is the youngest building in the Moscow Kremlin. Many times it became the witness of significant events of a contemporary history.

In its hall the CPSU congresses, the first congresses of People's Deputies were held, here the first President of Russia has taken the oath.

This monumental building was constructed as one of the main symbols of the Soviet epoch. Each hall of it looks as a work of art. To wait for the beginning of the show it is possible in one of three Foyers: mirror, parquet and of coats of arms. The top part of a building is occupied with a large Banquet Hall. The auditorium of the State Kremlin Palace is about 6000 persons. Convenient armchairs, the first class acoustics and the advanced equipment will allow spectators enjoy every minute of performance of the favorite actor. The sound and light equipment of auditorium recently have been completely updated.

There are events of different kinds and genres on a stage of the State Kremlin Palace. Among them variety concerts, fashion shows, cinema premieres, ballets, operas, forums, circus representations etc. The most famous Russian and World stars perform here.

Among them: Whitney Houston, Luciano Pavarotti, Joe Cocker, Chris Rea, Mireille Mathieu, George Benson, Tony Braxton, Lara Fabian, Cesaria Evora, Bryan Adams, Vanessa Mae, James Brown, Gipsy Kings, George Benson, Liza Minnelli, Mariah Carey, Patricia Kaas, Placido Domingo, Rod Stewart, Thomas Anders, Julio Iglesias, Charles Aznavour, Elton John, Eric Clapton and many other legendary artists. The best opera theatres of the world, among them the Opera of Rome, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Mariinsky Theater toured here. In 2012 since February, for 2,5 months on a stage of the Palace there will perform the world famous «Cirque du Soleil» from Canada with the program "Zarkana", the most grandiose show of «Cirque du Soleil». In total in the State Kremlin Palace pass about 300 events a year.

Scene of the State Kremlin Palace is one of the largest in Eurasia. On it simultaneously can act about thousand actors. And it is not its only advantage. Here it is possible to embody any imagination of the director. The stage consists of 16 elevating platforms. There are also 4 hatches for effective occurrence or disappearance of actors. In the middle of the stage there is a huge rotating circle 17 meters in diameter, intended for fast change of scenery during performance. All these constructional features make the Concert Hall of the Kremlin Palace one of the best in the world.

The State Kremlin Palace throughout all history of its existence pleases the audience with grandiose shows from all over the World. Absolutely fairly it is proclaimed the best scene of Russia.

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