The complex of digital technological television
of the State Kremlin Palace

The Grand Hall of the State Kremlin Palace accommodates video cameras of Digital TV Complex. 

This Complex incorporates:

  • Video cameras Panasonic AW-HE870E – 6 pcs, Panasonic AW-E800 – 1 pc. Cameras are mounted on the pan-and-tilt-assemblies Panasonic AW- PH360L. The conductor’s desk is controlled by Panasonic AW-E600E, mounted at the face end of orchestra pit. Signals from all video cameras are fed into the TV Complex located in the SKP Central Control Room.
  • consoles with vision mixer Panasonic AV-HS41OE and audio mixer SONY SRP-V200, instrumentation desk for controlling all cameras Panasonic AW-RP655L, signal control system and signal recorders.
  • recording of video and audio signals is carried out onto the video data recorders SONY DSR-1800P (on the DVCam cassettes or the hard disk of Panasonic recorders in DVD-format).

The monitoring rack accommodates video monitors SONY PVM 14L2 and PVM 20L2, which permit to check the image both from one camera and mixed program signal.

The TV Complex rack accommodates amplifiers of signals from cameras, transformers and processing equipment for analogue-digital signals transmitted along SDI lines.

Besides, there is one more rack mounted on VISI equipment for amplifying and distributing signals to the subscribers in the SKP via cable system.

The Banquet Hall is provided with 3 video cameras Hitachi HV-D15AS with lens Canon YH19X6.7 KTS, mounted on the tilt-rotary heads Telemetrix. Video control room in the Banquet Hall is equipped with video mixer SONY DFS-700AP and audio mixer Soundcraft M8. Video signal is controlled by video monitors Marshall 8”. Recording of video and audio signals is carried out by the video data recorders SONY DSR-1800P on the cassettes in the DVCam format or the hard disk of Panasonic recorders in DVD-format.

Control rooms of the Grand Hall and Banquet Hall are linked with each other by means of FOL that allows to transmit video and audio signals in both directions.

Film projecting facilities.

Equipment for film demonstration.

35мм Cinematograph projectors Christie SLR – 2 pcs.

Lamp power: 7 kW

Christie cinema projecting device with endless-loop cassette

Equipment for digital cinema projecting and video projectors

Digital cinema projectors Christie CP2000-XB: 4 pcs.

Lamp power: 6 kW.

Rated resolution 2048 х 1080 (2D or 3D)

High contrast lens with variable focus 1.25:1 – 8.5:1

Unit CINE-IPM2K: 2 pcs

Processing of non-cinematograph signals (Video of standard or high resolution).

  • one analogue input RGBHV/yPbPr
  • one input DVI for digital and analogue signals RGB/yPbPr
  • one input for composite video signal
  • one analogue input S-Video
  • built-in multi system decoder

Digital cinema server DOREMI cinema DCP-2000: 2 pcs.

Acoustic system QSC.

Preliminary, output amplifiers, audio processors, audience hall acoustics and acoustics behind the screen and acoustics based on 3-D sound engineering. Total sound power: 80 kW.

Back projection equipment

6 projectors Christie Roadster s+20k

Technical specifications:

Real resolution 1400x1050

Lamp power 3000 W

Image contrast 1800:1

Light flux 20000 lumen

Supported broadcasting systems PAL, SECAM, NTSC

Supported formats of input signal 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i

Inputs DVI, RGB (BNC), S-Video, composite, SDI

A set of optical systems for projectors with fixed focal distance 1.2 m and variable focal distance 1.8-2.6, that ensures focus-setting of projectors from 13 m to the screen and more.

Software for video stream processing Vista Spyder 368.

Provided with 6 inputs (SDI, DVI, RGB(VGA) and 8 outputs DVI

Supports output resolution 1080i and higher.

Digital-Analogue video mixer SONY ANYCAST STATION

Possibility to preview the content.

6 inputs and 2 independent outputs

2 HD record-player Doremi nugget. Outputs HD/SD SDI, DVI, AES. Supports output resolution up to 1080 inclusively.

2 DVD record-players

Projection screen 28х11m

Projection screen 16х9m

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