Great Hall

The Big Hall of the State Kremlin Palace - the main stage of the country - is one of the best and prestigious theatrical and concert venues in the world. "Business Card" of the Big Hall - large-scale musical shows, performances of the first-magnitude stars, ballet performances, film premieres, circus performances. Separately it is worth noting the concert programs dedicated to various memorable, historical, anniversary dates, holidays of people and professions that make a significant contribution to the spiritual authority and greatness of our country. For five decades, creative programs on the main stage of the country have included bright and unforgettable pages in the cultural history of Russian art. And the technical reconstruction of the Palace made this scene attractive for the most famous and popular world stars. In the hall, which accommodates almost 6 thousand spectators, the sound system corresponds to the most modern and high world standards, and also the latest lighting equipment is installed. That is why in the Big Hall of the State Kremlin Palace are the worlds leading musicians, who traditionally place extremely high demands on sound quality.

Small hall

The small hall is located on the sixth floor of the Kremlin Palace. It is on the legendary parquet floor of this hall that traditional cups of the World and Europe are held in Latin American and sports dances. In the repertoire of the hall you will find events for every taste - musical performances, creative evenings and concerts of famous performers. But you have the opportunity to visit this room not only as a spectator - it is here that the Kremlins famous "Kremlin Buffet" is located all over the country. And complement your pleasant impressions of the Small Hall with a unique view of the Kremlin and Moscow, which opens from its windows.

Diplomatic Hall

A small cozy room in the very center of the capital offers its guests a unique opportunity to enjoy the exquisite chamber atmosphere of creative evenings, both for beginners and well-deserved domestic and foreign performers. The Diplomatic Hall is a "musical drawing room" that will pleasantly surprise you with its diverse genre palette: classical music, folk performances, and jazz.

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