Production lighting complex
of the State Kremlin Palace

Lighting complex system of performance illumination in the State Kremlin Palace allows to achieve a full-value artistic exposure to light and create light effects, when arranging the concerts, stage plays and other shows. Up-to-date lighting equipment of professional caliber is represented by remote-controlled devices, which can provide a flood-type, localized and colour lighting of the main hall and banquet hall stages, and allows combining high-quality with advanced technologies in the sphere of lighting systems. 


Lighting complex is controlled by means of two controllers grandMA2 Full-size.

Upper dynamic lighting of stage is located on 7 floodlight projectors (Flies) and represented by 64 devices of full motion MAC 2000 (1–5 flies) with a possibility of colour mixing in the CMY mode, beam change effect and animation effects.  They include 28 controlled devices MARTIN MAC 2000 Wash with changeable colour, which are used for floodlighting of stage and its scenery, 24 devices MARTIN MAC 2000 PROFILE II and 12 MARTIN MAC 2000 PERFORMANCE II with changeable colours and beam shape, and there are also 64 devices STRAND PIROUETTE ALTO РС (2.5 kW) with a scroller for 16 colour filters, which can be used for creating the floodlight and illumination of stage decorations.

Upper flood lighting for the stage located on 7 flies is represented by symmetrical flood lighting devices COEMAR SEQUENZA-500 W (on 1–5 flies) and asymmetrical devices SELECON LUI CYC 1000 W (on 6 and 7 flies). Total power is up to 500 kW.  Besides, 32 luminescent Leader Lights are permanently fixed on 5 flies. 

To solve the tasks of lateral illumination of the stage, the usage is made for 10 telescopic  towers with changeable position in depth, where 4 controlled devices STRAND PIROUETTE ALTO РС (2.5 kW) with a scroll for 16 colour filters are mounted (on each one). Lower lighting is provided by 50 LED lights COEMAR Stage Lite SC NEW, located on the limes of forestage.  6 devices COEMAR SUPER CYC 2.4 kW with CMY colour mixing system for the background illumination are installed on the arriere-stage.

Detachable lights for the stage are located on the ceiling of audience hall and lighting boxes. Total power of detachable lights is over 300 kW: — on detachable catwalk — 100 devices SEGNO COEMAR 2 kW, 10 devices INSICO COEMAR 2 kW and 20 PAR-64; in six lighting boxes — 4 controlled devices MAC 2000 wash; 20 SEGNO COEMAR 2 kW.

To illuminate the audience hall during TV coverage of performance, the provision is made for light devices VARI*LITE 3500 Q Spot (65 pcs), Martin MAC 700 WASH (16 pcs), GLP Impression (91 pcs), GLP Impression XL (27 Pcs), which are permanently fixed under the ceiling on frameworks, above forestage, under balconies and parterre as well as in boxes.

«Tracking» devices are located at the balcony, near and far lighting boxes (2 devices COEMAR TESTA 2.5 kW, 4 devices ROBERT JULIAT CYRANO 2.5 kW). 

For hall architectural lighting the provision is made for LED lines permanently mounted in walls with SMD diodes.  342 000 diodes (12 diodes in pixel) are working on the reflecting surface inside wall panels. Media-server CATALYST in the control system makes it possible to obtain an unlimited amount of different visual media effects. 


Lighting complex is regulated by the Controller grandMA2 Full-size.

Dynamic lighting of the banquet hall is located on 17 flood light projector frames positioned along the perimeter of parquet floor. They mount 6 devices  MARTIN MAC 2000 Wash with changeable colours, which are used for flooding illumination of stage, 33 flood-light devices VARI*LITE VL-2500 WASH and 24 devices VARI*LITE VL-2500 SPOT  with changeable colours and beam shape. 193 flood-light devices STRAND LIGHTING are installed above the stage on three flies.  Total power of flood lighting at the stage is equaled to 100 kW. 

The following devices can be additionally installed on the stage:

  • COEMAR SUPER CYC 2400 – 18 pcs.
  • MARTIN ATOMIC 3000 — 12 pcs.
  • HIGH END STUDIO COLOUR 575 – 14 pcs.
  • ROBE WASH 575 – 24 pcs.
  • VARI*LITE 3000 Q Spot – 32 pcs.
  • VARI*LITE 3500 Q Spot – 8 pcs.
  • VARI*LITE 2500 Spot – 12 pcs.
  • VARI*LITE 2500 WASH – 6 pcs.
  • Pulsar Chromabank IP100 – 18 pcs.
  • Pulsar Chromabank IP200 – 24 pcs.
  • DTS Delta 8 RGB – 24 pcs.
  • Lens spotlight STRAND LIGHTING 2 kW — 30 pcs.
  • Lens spotlight STRAND LIGHTING 1 kW — 10 pcs.
  • Lens spotlight STRAND LIGHTING 0.5 kW — 20 pcs.
  • PAR-64 – 40 Pcs.
  • 4 fog diffusion machines DF-50
  • 4 fog diffusion machines Z 1200 DMX
  • Turbine RE FAN — 6 pcs.
  • LED fabric outfit on the stage (14 canvases, 5х10 m in size, with a SMD diode space 20х20 cm). The system includes a media-server CATALYST.

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