Award "The Graduate"

  • Held since 2002
  • 1000+ participants
  • The main ball of the country

All-Russian ball in the Kremlin "Graduate-2021"

The All-Russian Graduation Ball at the State Kremlin Palace will be a bright and unforgettable event on the way to adulthood!

Just imagine: you are walking along the red carpet under the flashes of cameras - each of you already superstar! Favorite and most popular artists, DJs and presenters meet you at the main concert the site of the country - in the Kremlin Palace. In the spectator foyer of the Palace, interactive programs are already waiting for you. prizes and gifts. And when the warm summer twilight falls on the city, you dance a slow dance not somewhere, but on the very Red Square! Above you - an enchanting holiday fireworks, next to you are your beloved friends and classmates, and ahead - a 6-hour drive disco in Gostiny Dvor - at the maximum of emotions and energy!

And let someone dare to say that graduation is a boring event: he simply has not been to our Kremlin!

You will definitely remember your graduation for a lifetime!

Detailed information can be found in the group of the Graduation Ball in the Kremlin on VKontakte:

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